Models available are:

The Lloyd Green.....$3,695
Comes standard with 3P-4K

The S10 Standard.....$3,695
Comes standard with 3P-4K

The Double 10....$4,695
Comes standard with 8P-4K

The Cat Bro.....$4,795
Comes standard with 6P-6K
Top neck is a standard E-9th
set up and the back neck is
a Cat Bro.  (which simulates
a pedal dobro)

The S12 Custom.....$3,795
Comes Standard with 3P-4K
(Currently not available)

The S12 Universal.....$4,195
Comes standard with 7P-4K
(Currently not available)

***Custom endplate and cabinet sizing to your specifications is available for an
additional $500.

***Additional pedals and knee levers can be added to each model for an additional
$175 per pedal and $175 per knee lever.  Teardrop knee levers are additional $30
per knee.

***Splits and compensators as well as oversized legs are available for $25 each.

***Special order pearloid inlay is additional $100 for single neck and $150 for double

***Aluminum necks $175 each.

Shipping and freight charges additional

9.25% TN Sales tax added to each order delivered within the state of
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