Duane Marrs ...November 24, 1935-January 22, 2008

Duane Marrs was the most endeared man I've ever known.  I have never heard an unkind word
about him, nor had I ever heard him utter a bad thing about anyone else.  He always looked to help
others; so as amazing as his mechanical and design skills were in the steel guitar industry, his life was
much broader than that.   This wonderful man will be loved and missed by all who knew him.
When Duane submitted the photo-cell volume pedal to Shot Jackson in about 1963, Shot
recogonized the brilliant mind of  Duane, and it was that, that got him the job at Sho-Bud.  The
photo-cell pedal never went into production; because of the inconvenience of plugging it in at the
Opry.  In addition to this pedal, Duane was the inventor of the pack-a-seat that steel players use
today.  Duane went on to do much of the design work at Sho-Bud, along with David Jackson, Harry
Jackson and Paul Franklin.
Duane played  steel guitar 50+ years, he began playing while living in Oklahoma.  Duane toured and
played with several artists including Wanda Jackson and Pee Wee King.  

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